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  • Gewiss introduces IEC 309 HP Plugs and Socket-Outlets

    GEWISS, a long-established leader in industrial connections and distribution boards, has updated its system, introducing the new IEC 309 HP - HIGH PERFORMANCE range of socket-outlets and plugs. This high-end range of industrial connections delivers outstanding performance, practicality and technical features. This renews the heart of the offer by creating a new system for widespread and more commonly used versions.

    The main innovations in the range are:

    • new straight plugs and connectors, 16 and 32 A with screw wiring in the IP44 and IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69 versions;
    • new straight plugs and connectors, 16 A with fast wiring and introduction of fast wiring also in the 32 A versions with degrees of protection IP44 and IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69;
    • new 10° flush-mounting socket-outlets, 16 and 32 A with screw wiring and introduction of the fast wiring version, with degrees of protection IP44 and IP66/IP67;
    • completion of the time references of the earthing contact for specific applications and environments (e.g. use with particular voltages, uses with high frequency, uses for refrigerated containers, etc.)

    Product specifications:

    SAFE-LOCK: the simple, quick and safe locking system

    SAFE-LOCK is an innovative and unique locking system between the body and the grip of the IEC 309 HP. The coupling with 1/4 turn rotation is simplified thanks to the easy to identify reference system ("arrow" alignment). The 1/4 turn safety screw immediately shows the status of the system (open/closed).

    The only ones with IP68 and IP69 degrees of protection

    The straight IEC 309 HP plugs and connectors are the only ones offered today equipped with, in addition to the degrees of protection IP66/IP67, also degrees of protection IP68 and IP69. The degree of protection IP68 provides protection against prolonged immersion in water at a great depth. The degree of protection IP69 ensures that liquids will not enter in the case of high pressure at high temperatures: ideal in the case of using high-pressure water jet cleaners.

    Fast wiring and screw wiring

    Fast wiring with spring technology makes it possible to open all the terminals simply using the levers that, inclined 90°, make it possible to easily insert the stripped cable: the polarities are identified by the colours of the levers. The versions with screw wiring have the screws oriented and already unscrewed to make wiring easier and faster.

    Simple gripping and maximum safety

    The ergonomic form makes gripping the product safe and comfortable. All covers of the mobile socket-outlets, both protected and watertight, are made to be held open with only one hand. The new cable clamping system, equipped with an anti-loosening device and used both in protected and watertight versions, firmly blocks the cable also in the case of strong vibrations and ensures maintenance of the IP degree of protection.

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