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  • NEW Heat Sinks from Crydom

    Crydom Announces the Expansion of its HS Series of Heat Sinks

    Four new high capacity heat sinks, optimized to take full advantage of Crydom panel mount solid state relays maximum ratings, are now available for use in heating, lighting, motion and power control applications.

    Crydom has announced the availability of 4 new Heat Sinks designed specifically for use with single, dual and 3 phase Solid State Relays. The new models, rated at 0.25, 0.36. 0.7 and 1.0 ºC per watt, expand the existing Crydom HS series of heat sinks with ratings from 0.5 to 5.0 ºC per watt.

    Each new black anodized heat sink is designed to accept one, two or three single phase or dual output standard panel mount Solid State Relays, or one 3 phase Solid State Relay or high power output single phase Solid State Relay. Thermal ratings are based upon convection cooling in a typical ambient temperature range of 20 to 60 ºC.

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  • NEW Crouzet Chronos 2 Timers & Control Relays

    7 new Chronos 2 Timers, 2 new Level Control Relays and 2 new Phase Control Relays are now available in a more compact DIN Rail package ideal for modular use.

    Crouzet Control has announced the availability of 11 re-designed Chronos 2 Timers and Control Relays which are now available in an improved DIN rail modular housing with the same profile as the Crouzet C-lynx product family.

    The 7 new 22.5 mm DIN Rail mounted Chronos 2 Timers (RA2R1, RQR1, RQR6, RU2R1 RU2R3, RU2R4 & RX2R1) replace timers previously offered in a 22.5 mm wide industrial housing. The new 22.5mm DIN rail mounted housing is also similar to the new 17.5 mm Chronos 2 Timers featuring the same terminal block position for perfect panel alignment.   The new 22.5 mm timers also feature 2 SPDT relays rated at 8 A / 250 VAC and are just 8 mm higher than the 17.5 mm version with one output relay. New Chronos 2 timers have the same rated supply voltage and electrical specifications as previous industrial housing versions.

    ENR and ENRM Level Control Relays have also been redesigned in a new 22.5 mm DIN Rail housing replacing 22.5 mm wide industrial models. A new universal supply voltage of 24 to 240 VAC VDC allows them to replace 8 existing part numbers with similar or improved features per model.

    The new 17.5 mm MWS Phase Control Relay featuring an 8 A output rating replaces both the 17.5 mm MWS and 22.5 mm EWS series.  The redesigned 22.5 mm EWS2 replaces the existing EWS2 featuring a more compact housing allowing modular installation.

    All new Chronos 2 Timers and Control Relays are C-UL-US Listed, CE certified to the IEC Low Voltage Directive and compliant with the RoHS Directive.

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  • Crouzet Automation launches its brand new em4 offer!

    The world is entering the digitalization era and it is vital for companies to create more added value for their customers.

    Developing a sustainable business requires: faster process implementation, greater autonomy in the creation of applications, enhanced maintenance, costs optimization, on-demand connection to your installations…

    For this new world, Crouzet Automation presents a revolutionary and innovative solution: em4.


    With em4, Crouzet is going above and beyond your expectations. It’s not just about a top performance nano-PLC. It’s about helping your application enter into the “Internet of Things” world.

    The em4 promise: the smartest and easiest way to remotely manage equipment and generate new business. Check Crouzet's video on YouTube!

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  • Crouzet Switches

    Crouzet specialises in low-voltage snap-action electrical switching and offers a wide range of microswitches, limit switches, specialized products for severe environments, manual override switches and sensors.

    Whether as a one-off or in large volumes, standard or bespoke, Crouzet can provide specific components depending on your specifications. Numerous industrial and onboard applications are supported in all types of environment, including those with serious technical constraints and/or stringent quality requirements.

    Crouzet Switches are used in electrical switchgear, simple or nuclear valve controls, special civil engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, handling and lifting equipment, medical equipment, wind turbines and more.

    Discover Crouzet microswitches, limit switches, products for severe environments and manual override switches here

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  • Ultrasound Technology

    Ultrasonic sensors

    Ultrasound, sound beyond what humans can hear, has been a part of nature since time immemorial. Mammals such as bats and dolphins use ultrasound to find their way around and catch prey. Today, humans use ultrasound technology in the most varied fields, such as in medical technology or in the automotive industry as a parking assist system. In addition, ultrasonic sensors are used across all industrial sectors. Against this backdrop, Pepperl+Fuchs has over 20 years of experience and is one of the pioneers of this sensor technology.

    A sugar cube-sized ultrasonic sensor, ideal for tight mounting conditions

    The Pulse of Automation

    The benefits of ultrasonic sensors are readily apparent. Regardless of color and surface, an object can be detected with millimeter precision. Dust and dirt do not have a detrimental effect on the measurement result. The high-frequency vibration of the ultrasonic transducer surface simply shakes off any dirt.

    These benefits can be easily explained by the measuring principle: An ultrasonic transducer, which is essentially the combination of piezoceramics and an acoustic adaptation layer, is stimulated in transmission mode by a high-frequency burst packet or single current pulse. The transducer then operates as a microphone. The received acoustic pulse creates a millivolt-level signal at the piezo that is then converted to a distance value by the microcontroller. In this operating mode, the strength of the received signal has no bearing on the measurement.

    PR-2014-2460FA-ENG-Ultrasonic technology_HMI_page3_image1 small

    Suitable For Any Application

     Pepperl+Fuchs ultrasonic sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications due to their robust and precise measuring capabilities. They can detect a wide variety of materials, are not influenced by problematic surfaces, are generally immune to environmental influences, and deliver measurement results that are accurate to the millimeter. And simple parameterization—if  the application requires it—enables measuring ranges from a few centimeters up to 10 m. From the most basic, to the most highly complex process control requirements, ultrasonics are the sensors for all applications.

    At a glance:

    • Ideal for a wide range of applications
    • Regardless of material and color
    • Integrated background and foreground suppression
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