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  • Saia switches for appliances & consumer products

    Saia, a leading global brand of switches for the appliances and consumer products industries focuses firmly on miniature and subminiature snap-action switch types, the world’s two most commonly used industry standards.

    Wide range
    Snap-action switches have to fulfill a wide variety of
    functions. Whether it is signal or power switching,
    high or low force actuation, there will be a Saia switch
    for your application – with extensive terminal and lever
    options to make your selection straightforward.

    Environmental protection
    The sealed switch is a Saia specialty. In demanding
    environments - wet, humid or dusty – even the most
    sensitive signal can be switched reliably with IP67
    rated products.

    Uncompromising reliability
    With many UL, CSA and ENEC approvals, the
    performance of Saia products is globally recognized.
    With tens of millions of switches produced each year,
    this reliability is proven and established.

    Precision actuation
    Snap-action switches offer high levels of repeat
    accuracy and switch virtually independently of
    actuation speed and force. This is the mechanism of
    choice for pressure sensing, timing and position
    indicating applications.

    Typical Saia switch applications
    ■ Washing/drying machines
    ■ Coffee machines
    ■ Gaming machines
    ■ Electric showers
    ■ Power tools and garden equipment

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  • Camis Custom Cables

    Why not simplify your production by making use of Camis cable assembly and wiring service? Whether a simple switch assembly cut, stripped and fitted with crimped terminals or a full harness with connectors, switches and fuses, Camis can supply all your needs.

    Recent investment at Camis has seen an expansion of its loom production capacity including the purchase of a new Artos Cr-22 Wire Processing Machine. So if you are looking to reduce costs and improve service levels you need look no further.


    The CR-22 provides numerous benefits including:

    • High volume runs with speeds up to 5m per sec.
    • Reduced set-up times.
    • Increased process efficiencies for both large batch size and high mix production runs

    All this means higher quality products being delivered faster at extremely competitive prices.

    What do Camis processing facilities include?

    • Material cutting
    • Stripping
    • Window/mid stripping
    • Auto bootlace ferruling
    • Wire end twisting
    • Marking with labels
    • Coiling with long wires
    • Harness / job sequencing
    • Hot stamp marking
    • Wire end tinning
    • Insertion of weather seals
    • Closed barrel crimping
    • Ink jet marking
    • Batching of finished wires
    • Short length processing
    • Multi-core cable production

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  • Is it time to switch-on to LEDs....?

    LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular - for good reason. It’s hard to ignore the financial and environmental advantages that can be gained when using LEDs in place of traditional incandescent, fluorescent, or even the more recent CFL bulbs:

    • LEDs are more energy-efficient as they do not scatter lighting like incandescent and compact fluorescent lights and the bulbs are strong and sturdy, as well as compact.

    • Products using LEDs were originally quite costly. Prices have reduced considerably in recent years
    • LEDs typically last considerably longer compared to standard incandescent bulbs
    • They are much less prone to breaking
    • They are sufficiently small in order to suit restricted spaces
    • They contain absolutely no mercury
    • They generate minimal heat
    • Switching on and off will not reduce lifespan
    • Energy efficient models are now readily available


    Minimising Electricity Costs & Energy Consumption

    Quality LED lights present an effective, focused light that is similar to halogen lamps but requiring considerably less electricity. As electricity costs continue to rise, LED downlights become more and more popular both with the financially aware and energy conscious.

    Utilization of a 13W LED light produces 68% less CO2 when compared to a typical 40W incandescent bulb whilst, compared with halogens, LED lights just use 15% of the electricity.

    The initial cost associated with LED bulbs is deceptive. Even though the initial expense of the LED bulb is higher when compared with the price of an incandescent or CFL bulb, noticeable savings are accumulated even over a relatively short period simply because LED bulbs last longer and use less electricity.

    The purchase price of LED lights is cancelled out by savings as high as 80% on energy usage as well as reduced maintenance expenses. It is not necessary for back-up lighting – modern LED lights are quickly at 100 % brightness, each and every time.


    The appeal of moving to Led lights is not just economic. Rooms are more comfortable and secure with light bulbs that don’t produce uncomfortable heat. Fluorescent light bulbs produce much greater heat than LEDs and have even been known to catch fire. LED lights tend to be sensitive to neither extreme heat nor cold, whereas fluorescents may possibly not even function at +120° or -10° Fahrenheit.

    The increased brightness that can be produced by some LEDs is not welcomed by all but there are now “warmer” variations and some have even been developed to produce light that appears similar to the glow of an incandescent bulb.

    Because the "warmer" white LEDs require more yellow phosphor coating compared to the "cooler" white LEDs, the ‘warm white’ variations tend to be less bright than ‘cool white’. There is some variation and colour inconsistency among white LEDs but it is possible to check on the colour “temperature”. A bulb temperature has 4 digits and the bigger the number, the bluer the light will appear. Incandescent light is generally close to 2700K-3000K and it is this that most closely replicates the "warm" look associated with incandescent light.

    LED bulbs for instant light
    Whenever switching on CFLs or tubular fluorescent bulbs, there is generally a moderate delay or even flickering before full brightness is reached. In contrast LED bulbs, like incandescent bulbs, reach 100 % brightness with no flickering the instant they are switched on. This is a fundamental improvement over CFL bulbs wherever lights are required to be regularly switched on and off.

    Replacing LED bulbs
    Replacing bulbs is nearly a thing out of the past. A good quality LED light will last up to 15 times longer than a typical halogen downlight and can provide over 20 years of lighting. LEDs also outlast CFLs by tens of thousands of hours and do not need to be treated as a hazardous material when discarded - unlike its mercury containing CFL counterpart.

    Dimmable LED lights
    Early designs of LED light bulbs had the shortcoming of not being dimmable. On the market now, there are LED bulbs which have been specially designed to function by the use of dimmable switches which are found with a growing number of light fittings.

    Switching Existing Halogens

    There is no good reason to wait for currently installed lights to burn out - right now is actually a good time to switch halogen downlights to LEDs. Led lights greatly reduce energy use, cut electricity costs and high quality LED lamps can last for 20 years. The newest, energy-efficient LED lights operate at far lower temperature ranges than halogen lamps, are far more durable and use a fraction of the energy. Replacing ‘electricity-eating’, ‘hot-to-touch'’ halogen lighting with energy efficient and cost-effective LEDs immediately reduces ongoing energy bills and substantially improves the carbon footprint.


    LED technological innovation has made huge advances over the last few years, with big improvements in high-quality, design and durability. LED lamps are now dimmable, undoubtedly energy efficient, silent, long lived, and available in the market in many light temperatures, both warm and cool. LED bulbs contain no mercury, so there is no problem with their handling or disposal.

    There are safeguards to observe such as using products from renowned manufacturers and selecting recommended dimmers. But a well-planned LED installation undoubtedly helps reduce the all-round costs associated with lighting and to achieve an almost zero-maintenance lighting system.

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  • BERNSTEIN Safety Switches for the Workplace

    Machines that continue running after being switched off are often part of automated production processes. Safety guards prevent operator access and must therefore be kept closed until the hazards posed by machine movement have ceased. Safety position switches with interlock function ensure that safety gates, safety doors and other protective guards remain closed for as long as a hazardous situation exists.

    In production processes, safety position switches have three main tasks:

    • Enabling the machine/process when the safety guard is closed and interlocked
    • Disabling the machine/process when the safety guard is opened
    • Position monitoring of the safety guard and interlock

    BERNSTEIN SLK/SLM safety position switches with separate actuators and interlock enable the user to realise locking systems conforming to EN 1088, EN ISO 12100-1, 12100-2 and since 29.12.2009 to the compulsory Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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  • The right contact for every application

    COMAT's Series C10 miniature industrial relays comes with many different types of contacts covering all areas of application from signal switching to heavy loads. To ensure top reliability and durability, the right type of contact has to be selected for each application.

    The pluggable series C10 miniature industrial relays are compact coupling relays with a change-over contact. Combined with socket CS-106, the relay has an installation width of just 15.6 mm. The special features of the c10 include the different types of contacts and the numerous coil voltages and wiring. It can be manually operated and locked with the mechanical switch – a valuable feature during startup and troubleshooting.

    The contact is at the heart of the relay. Its geometry and contact material are the deciding factors when selecting it for each corresponding application.

    C10-A10: Coupling Relay
    The C10-A10 is suitable for all low power applications up to 10 a / 250 vac and 10 a / 30 vdc for ohmic loads. The nominal values for low inductive loads such as magnet valves or contactors are 2 a / 250 vac. This makes it perfect as a coupling relay for the protection of plc outputs.

    C10-A15: High Power Relay
    the C10-A15 is used for all applications within the power range. It features a silver zinc oxide contact (agsno2) and can be used for switching loads with increased starting currents up to 120 a for 20 ms, such as ballast used in lighting technology and halogen lamps. The C10-A15 is the right choice for inductive loads like large contactors, magnet valves and small motors up to 6 a / 250 v.

    C10-T11: for Control Signals
    The twin contact of the C10-T11 provides high reliability when switching control signals in the 24 vdc / 5 ma range. The 0.2 μm gold layer prevents the contact from oxidising prematurely and also increases contact safety. Both potential isolation and SPS input wiring are typical applications. Contact safety is reliably ensured in the low range up to 5 ma / 5 v.

    C10-T12: for Low Signals
    The C10-T12 has a twin contact coated with a 5 μm hard gold layer. The excellent contacting properties of this combination are suitable for extremely reliable low signal switching such as SPS inputs and analogue standard signals up to 1 ma / 5 v. To protect the gold layer against excessive wear and tear, 200 ma / 30 vDc should not be exceeded.

    - CS-106 socket
    - S10-CG bracket (comes with CS-106)
    - S10-B neutral

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  • NEW Heat Sinks from Crydom

    Crydom Announces the Expansion of its HS Series of Heat Sinks

    Four new high capacity heat sinks, optimized to take full advantage of Crydom panel mount solid state relays maximum ratings, are now available for use in heating, lighting, motion and power control applications.

    Crydom has announced the availability of 4 new Heat Sinks designed specifically for use with single, dual and 3 phase Solid State Relays. The new models, rated at 0.25, 0.36. 0.7 and 1.0 ºC per watt, expand the existing Crydom HS series of heat sinks with ratings from 0.5 to 5.0 ºC per watt.

    Each new black anodized heat sink is designed to accept one, two or three single phase or dual output standard panel mount Solid State Relays, or one 3 phase Solid State Relay or high power output single phase Solid State Relay. Thermal ratings are based upon convection cooling in a typical ambient temperature range of 20 to 60 ºC.

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  • NEW Crouzet Chronos 2 Timers & Control Relays

    7 new Chronos 2 Timers, 2 new Level Control Relays and 2 new Phase Control Relays are now available in a more compact DIN Rail package ideal for modular use.

    Crouzet Control has announced the availability of 11 re-designed Chronos 2 Timers and Control Relays which are now available in an improved DIN rail modular housing with the same profile as the Crouzet C-lynx product family.

    The 7 new 22.5 mm DIN Rail mounted Chronos 2 Timers (RA2R1, RQR1, RQR6, RU2R1 RU2R3, RU2R4 & RX2R1) replace timers previously offered in a 22.5 mm wide industrial housing. The new 22.5mm DIN rail mounted housing is also similar to the new 17.5 mm Chronos 2 Timers featuring the same terminal block position for perfect panel alignment.   The new 22.5 mm timers also feature 2 SPDT relays rated at 8 A / 250 VAC and are just 8 mm higher than the 17.5 mm version with one output relay. New Chronos 2 timers have the same rated supply voltage and electrical specifications as previous industrial housing versions.

    ENR and ENRM Level Control Relays have also been redesigned in a new 22.5 mm DIN Rail housing replacing 22.5 mm wide industrial models. A new universal supply voltage of 24 to 240 VAC VDC allows them to replace 8 existing part numbers with similar or improved features per model.

    The new 17.5 mm MWS Phase Control Relay featuring an 8 A output rating replaces both the 17.5 mm MWS and 22.5 mm EWS series.  The redesigned 22.5 mm EWS2 replaces the existing EWS2 featuring a more compact housing allowing modular installation.

    All new Chronos 2 Timers and Control Relays are C-UL-US Listed, CE certified to the IEC Low Voltage Directive and compliant with the RoHS Directive.

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  • Crouzet Automation launches its brand new em4 offer!

    The world is entering the digitalization era and it is vital for companies to create more added value for their customers.

    Developing a sustainable business requires: faster process implementation, greater autonomy in the creation of applications, enhanced maintenance, costs optimization, on-demand connection to your installations…

    For this new world, Crouzet Automation presents a revolutionary and innovative solution: em4.


    With em4, Crouzet is going above and beyond your expectations. It’s not just about a top performance nano-PLC. It’s about helping your application enter into the “Internet of Things” world.

    The em4 promise: the smartest and easiest way to remotely manage equipment and generate new business. Check Crouzet's video on YouTube!

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  • Crouzet Switches

    Crouzet specialises in low-voltage snap-action electrical switching and offers a wide range of microswitches, limit switches, specialized products for severe environments, manual override switches and sensors.

    Whether as a one-off or in large volumes, standard or bespoke, Crouzet can provide specific components depending on your specifications. Numerous industrial and onboard applications are supported in all types of environment, including those with serious technical constraints and/or stringent quality requirements.

    Crouzet Switches are used in electrical switchgear, simple or nuclear valve controls, special civil engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, handling and lifting equipment, medical equipment, wind turbines and more.

    Discover Crouzet microswitches, limit switches, products for severe environments and manual override switches here

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