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Flood LED 12

The FloodLED12 was designed with four main markets in mind:

  • Replacement of Halogen security lighting
  • Inspection lighting in manufacturing environments
  • Direct lighting for areas such as stores or manufacturing .
  • Poultry farming

    The FloodLED12 is built around the same fundamental design as the FloodLED36 and having such a large heatsink for a small 27W of power consumption, the luminaire hardly moves from ambient temperature when operational.

    As the heat is pulled so effectively out of the LED’s we can drive them a little harder and so they are driven at 700mA (still 30% below their rated spec) and this provides an impressive 2200 lumens of light output, which is plenty for simple security lighting. The picture below shows 2 x FloodLED12’s and a 3 year old 400w Halogen security light and you can see the significant difference in brightness between the two technologies and with over 93% power saving the units pay for themselves in about 7 months and then save an average of £430 a year over the next 10 years!

    The FloodLED12 meets Rolls Royce inspection lighting levels (1000 lux) when used as an inspection light at a height of about 85cm above the inspection bench. The difference between the very white light of the FloodLED12 and standard fluorescent tubes really has got to be seen to be believed and metal surfaces look completely different under the luminaire and fine cracks and discolouration is much more easily picked out.

    There are a lot of manufacturing areas where there is plenty of ambient lighting, but not where the machine operators really want it – over the machines. The FloodLED12 is a good solution for lighting the main operational access to CNC machines, injection moulding machines, cutters, lathes etc and as stated before, the white light especially enhances the contrast between metal surfaces. Our recommendation would be to replace general fluorescent lighting with FloodLED12’s directly positioned where the operators need the light and use the yoke to angle the luminaire accordingly.

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