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The right contact for every application

COMAT's Series C10 miniature industrial relays comes with many different types of contacts covering all areas of application from signal switching to heavy loads. To ensure top reliability and durability, the right type of contact has to be selected for each application.

The pluggable series C10 miniature industrial relays are compact coupling relays with a change-over contact. Combined with socket CS-106, the relay has an installation width of just 15.6 mm. The special features of the c10 include the different types of contacts and the numerous coil voltages and wiring. It can be manually operated and locked with the mechanical switch – a valuable feature during startup and troubleshooting.

The contact is at the heart of the relay. Its geometry and contact material are the deciding factors when selecting it for each corresponding application.

C10-A10: Coupling Relay
The C10-A10 is suitable for all low power applications up to 10 a / 250 vac and 10 a / 30 vdc for ohmic loads. The nominal values for low inductive loads such as magnet valves or contactors are 2 a / 250 vac. This makes it perfect as a coupling relay for the protection of plc outputs.

C10-A15: High Power Relay
the C10-A15 is used for all applications within the power range. It features a silver zinc oxide contact (agsno2) and can be used for switching loads with increased starting currents up to 120 a for 20 ms, such as ballast used in lighting technology and halogen lamps. The C10-A15 is the right choice for inductive loads like large contactors, magnet valves and small motors up to 6 a / 250 v.

C10-T11: for Control Signals
The twin contact of the C10-T11 provides high reliability when switching control signals in the 24 vdc / 5 ma range. The 0.2 μm gold layer prevents the contact from oxidising prematurely and also increases contact safety. Both potential isolation and SPS input wiring are typical applications. Contact safety is reliably ensured in the low range up to 5 ma / 5 v.

C10-T12: for Low Signals
The C10-T12 has a twin contact coated with a 5 μm hard gold layer. The excellent contacting properties of this combination are suitable for extremely reliable low signal switching such as SPS inputs and analogue standard signals up to 1 ma / 5 v. To protect the gold layer against excessive wear and tear, 200 ma / 30 vDc should not be exceeded.

- CS-106 socket
- S10-CG bracket (comes with CS-106)
- S10-B neutral

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