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Saia switches for appliances & consumer products

Saia, a leading global brand of switches for the appliances and consumer products industries focuses firmly on miniature and subminiature snap-action switch types, the world’s two most commonly used industry standards.

Wide range
Snap-action switches have to fulfill a wide variety of
functions. Whether it is signal or power switching,
high or low force actuation, there will be a Saia switch
for your application – with extensive terminal and lever
options to make your selection straightforward.

Environmental protection
The sealed switch is a Saia specialty. In demanding
environments - wet, humid or dusty – even the most
sensitive signal can be switched reliably with IP67
rated products.

Uncompromising reliability
With many UL, CSA and ENEC approvals, the
performance of Saia products is globally recognized.
With tens of millions of switches produced each year,
this reliability is proven and established.

Precision actuation
Snap-action switches offer high levels of repeat
accuracy and switch virtually independently of
actuation speed and force. This is the mechanism of
choice for pressure sensing, timing and position
indicating applications.

Typical Saia switch applications
■ Washing/drying machines
■ Coffee machines
■ Gaming machines
■ Electric showers
■ Power tools and garden equipment

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