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  • Ultrasound Technology

    Ultrasonic sensors

    Ultrasound, sound beyond what humans can hear, has been a part of nature since time immemorial. Mammals such as bats and dolphins use ultrasound to find their way around and catch prey. Today, humans use ultrasound technology in the most varied fields, such as in medical technology or in the automotive industry as a parking assist system. In addition, ultrasonic sensors are used across all industrial sectors. Against this backdrop, Pepperl+Fuchs has over 20 years of experience and is one of the pioneers of this sensor technology.

    A sugar cube-sized ultrasonic sensor, ideal for tight mounting conditions

    The Pulse of Automation

    The benefits of ultrasonic sensors are readily apparent. Regardless of color and surface, an object can be detected with millimeter precision. Dust and dirt do not have a detrimental effect on the measurement result. The high-frequency vibration of the ultrasonic transducer surface simply shakes off any dirt.

    These benefits can be easily explained by the measuring principle: An ultrasonic transducer, which is essentially the combination of piezoceramics and an acoustic adaptation layer, is stimulated in transmission mode by a high-frequency burst packet or single current pulse. The transducer then operates as a microphone. The received acoustic pulse creates a millivolt-level signal at the piezo that is then converted to a distance value by the microcontroller. In this operating mode, the strength of the received signal has no bearing on the measurement.

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    Suitable For Any Application

     Pepperl+Fuchs ultrasonic sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications due to their robust and precise measuring capabilities. They can detect a wide variety of materials, are not influenced by problematic surfaces, are generally immune to environmental influences, and deliver measurement results that are accurate to the millimeter. And simple parameterization—if  the application requires it—enables measuring ranges from a few centimeters up to 10 m. From the most basic, to the most highly complex process control requirements, ultrasonics are the sensors for all applications.

    At a glance:

    • Ideal for a wide range of applications
    • Regardless of material and color
    • Integrated background and foreground suppression
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  • SmartBridge: The the first step towards Industry 4.0

    The term ”Industry 4.0“ has caused quite a stir in the automation industry. After the invention of the steam engine, assembly line, and computer, the introduction of web-based technologies is now supposed to be the “next big thing”.

    The connection of machines beyond the borders of the specific plant is the underlying thought. By means of clever self-management, machines and plants shall be able to fulfill even the most extraordinary customer requests. Workflowsinside and outside of the plant are supposed to autonomically link up and align the needed materials to the right spots.

    Hence, we are talking about an evolutionary process that leads to a fully automated production process. With the recently introduced concept study “SmartBridge”, Pepperl and Fuchs takes a first step on this path to Industry 4.0”

    An adapter as a bridge between sensor and tablet

    A small adapter, which one day might be integrated directly into the sensor, enables a connection to a smartphone or tablet without disturbing the communication or even disconnecting the sensor from the control side. The newly created communication abilities are being used to access the running sensor without any side effects and therefore enable an In-Line sensor management. This connection can be used to exchange commissioning information, diagnostic data, or for fault detection.

    Due to the location-dependent connection, the applied Bluetooth technology is not vulnerable to any security weaknesses. Even a virus-infected tablet could not cause any harm because a transmission from sensor to control side is impossible.

     Smartbridge 3 

     Industry 4.0 at HANNOVER MESSE 2014

    At the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE 2014, there will be an opportunity to get in touch with the SmartBridge. Visit Pepperl & Fuchs in Hall 9 at Booth D76 for a first-hand view of "Industry 4.0". Otherwise, for more information please call us on +44 1384 286969 or email sales@camis-group.com

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  • Bernstein introduces new safety monitoring sensor

    Bernstein Ltd will be introducing a number of new additions to its product ranges on Stand 5746 at MACH 2014 including their new IP67 rated CSMS electronic safety sensor that monitors safety doors and protective guards remain closed.

    The contactless, uniquely coded communication between sensor and actuator uses RFID technology to offer the highest level of protection (high-level coding) and the highest levels of safety (PLe) and protection against manipulation.

    The CSMS offers excellent diagnostics enabling open safety guards and system errors to be located quickly.

    The diagnostics consists of:

    • 3 LEDs integrated in the CSMS
    • Status indicator and choice of system status by means of basis diagnostics device
    • Status indicator of actuated CSMS by means of digital outputs
    • Complete system status by means of optional bus gateway, for ex. Profibus (in preparation)
    CSMS product features
    • Performance Level e
    • Up to 32 series circuits without leaving the PL e
    • High coding level according to draft DIN EN ISO 14119
    • An external monitoring device is not necessary
    • Connection of a return circuit and start button is possible
    • Output current up to 250 mA per safety output
    • Large diagnostic possibility
    • 3 LEDs for status information of the CSMS
    • Switching distance: 13 mm
    • Dimensions: 110 mm x 30 mm x 15 mm
    • IP 67

    CSMS product advantages

    • Safety series circuits of up to 32 CSMS up to
      PL e / SIL 3 (category 4)
    • Cost reduction as there is no need of any additional external monitoring
    • Easy to use as manual or automatic start is possible with the same CSMS
    • Future Safety included as the CSMS correspond to the draft of DIN EN ISO 14119 (which supersedes the EN 1088) concerning individual coding (high coding level)
    • Economic system installation as M12 Connectivityreduces installation time
    • Time-saving as no wiring errors are possible
    • Time-saving because of system status indication via the diagnostic interface
    • CSMS is tolerant to misalignment reducing cost of guarding and therefore reduces cost

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  • ML100 Newcomer – New Solutions Available in Applications

    Optical sensors are increasingly becoming core components in machinery. In addition to providing products that offer the required reliability, sensor manufacturers must contribute to reducing costs and increasing cost effectiveness. It is the case that, even within cost-optimized and standardized series, there is a growing need for solutions that can handle more complex tasks.

    The popular ML100 Series from Pepperl & Fuchs has now been expanded to include three new types: a sensor with an extra-wide light spot, a sensor for background evaluation, and a sensor with multiple light spots. By adding these new types to the range of existing ones, the ML100 Series now covers a multitude of applications.

    Three High-Performance New Types Added to the Series

    The ML100-8-W is a high-performance diffuse sensor version with a very wide visible light spot. This light spot is around 170 mm at the maximum sensing distance of 200 mm. This diffuse sensor is perfect for use on conveyor routes for glass or module transport. In addition, it is ideal in flat panel production, particularly on lifting tables or track switches, where a retroreflective sensor for glass detection cannot be used due to interfering reflectors in the traverse path. The extra-large light spot prevents incorrect switching on heavily textured surfaces and is very resistant to vibration and tilting of the object.

    The ML100-8-HW with background evaluation is now available and uses the triangulation principle. The receiver, consisting of a near-field element and far-field element, can make a clear distinction between a background, such as a metal frame, and an object in the detection area. In doing so, the sensor references the detected background. The object is detected if the geometric arrangement means that more light falls on the near-field element than on the far-field element. In addition, it is detected if no light reaches the receiver, e.g., if the light is reflected by a shiny object. This enables operation without the need for reflectors, while permitting the detection of flat objects or objects that have low reflectivity and are in front of a background that is in close proximity, e.g., black rubber parts on conveyor belts.

    In the field of sensors with background suppression, the ML100 Series has been expanded to include the ML100-8-H with three light spots, which enable redundancy. One special feature is that the outputs include a logical AND and OR link. The OR output activates when one of the three light spots is detected, meaning inhomogeneous objects can be reliably detected. Disruptions in objects can be ignored. The AND output activates only if all three light spots are detected. This ensures object properties can be detected, but interference in the surrounding area, such as dust, can be ignored. The extra-small light spots enable very precise detection. Objects in close proximity in the background are suppressed.

    At a glance:

    • New Versions in the ML100 Series
    • ML100-8-W diffuse sensor with extra-wide light spot
    • ML100-8-HW sensor with background evaluation
    • ML100-8-H sensor with background suppression and three light spots

    For more information please call us on +44 1384 286969 or email sales@camis-group.com

    or call +44 1384 286969

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