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  • NEW Crouzet Chronos 2 Timers & Control Relays

    7 new Chronos 2 Timers, 2 new Level Control Relays and 2 new Phase Control Relays are now available in a more compact DIN Rail package ideal for modular use.

    Crouzet Control has announced the availability of 11 re-designed Chronos 2 Timers and Control Relays which are now available in an improved DIN rail modular housing with the same profile as the Crouzet C-lynx product family.

    The 7 new 22.5 mm DIN Rail mounted Chronos 2 Timers (RA2R1, RQR1, RQR6, RU2R1 RU2R3, RU2R4 & RX2R1) replace timers previously offered in a 22.5 mm wide industrial housing. The new 22.5mm DIN rail mounted housing is also similar to the new 17.5 mm Chronos 2 Timers featuring the same terminal block position for perfect panel alignment.   The new 22.5 mm timers also feature 2 SPDT relays rated at 8 A / 250 VAC and are just 8 mm higher than the 17.5 mm version with one output relay. New Chronos 2 timers have the same rated supply voltage and electrical specifications as previous industrial housing versions.

    ENR and ENRM Level Control Relays have also been redesigned in a new 22.5 mm DIN Rail housing replacing 22.5 mm wide industrial models. A new universal supply voltage of 24 to 240 VAC VDC allows them to replace 8 existing part numbers with similar or improved features per model.

    The new 17.5 mm MWS Phase Control Relay featuring an 8 A output rating replaces both the 17.5 mm MWS and 22.5 mm EWS series.  The redesigned 22.5 mm EWS2 replaces the existing EWS2 featuring a more compact housing allowing modular installation.

    All new Chronos 2 Timers and Control Relays are C-UL-US Listed, CE certified to the IEC Low Voltage Directive and compliant with the RoHS Directive.

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  • New Crouzet Control Chronos 2 range of DIN Rail mounted timers

    Discover the new Crouzet Control Chronos 2 range - 17.5 mm DIN Rail mounted timers

    The new Crouzet Control range of Chronos 2 timers (17.5 mm) is now available.

    This range substitutes the existing range and features improvements including:

    • Added robustness:

    - Optimization of the electronic design and components update

    - The new range remains with an 8 A rated output current

    - Surge resistance level: 2 KV (twice the minimum imposed by the standard)

    • Similarity & consistency on user interface: a new and improved mechanical design to align to the Crouzet Control existing C-Lynx Control relays range

    • Product Quality and Reliability improvements

     The Chronos 2 timers also include changes such as:

    • Just one digit differentiates the new range part number from the old range’s

    For instance: previous part number: MUR1 88826105 / new part number: MUR1 88827105

    Please note: There is no change in product names (MUR1 for example).

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