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Cable Assembly

  • Camis Custom Cables

    Why not simplify your production by making use of Camis cable assembly and wiring service? Whether a simple switch assembly cut, stripped and fitted with crimped terminals or a full harness with connectors, switches and fuses, Camis can supply all your needs.

    Recent investment at Camis has seen an expansion of its loom production capacity including the purchase of a new Artos Cr-22 Wire Processing Machine. So if you are looking to reduce costs and improve service levels you need look no further.


    The CR-22 provides numerous benefits including:

    • High volume runs with speeds up to 5m per sec.
    • Reduced set-up times.
    • Increased process efficiencies for both large batch size and high mix production runs

    All this means higher quality products being delivered faster at extremely competitive prices.

    What do Camis processing facilities include?

    • Material cutting
    • Stripping
    • Window/mid stripping
    • Auto bootlace ferruling
    • Wire end twisting
    • Marking with labels
    • Coiling with long wires
    • Harness / job sequencing
    • Hot stamp marking
    • Wire end tinning
    • Insertion of weather seals
    • Closed barrel crimping
    • Ink jet marking
    • Batching of finished wires
    • Short length processing
    • Multi-core cable production

    For more information please call us on +44 1384 286969 or email sales@camis-group.com

    or call +44 1384 286969

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