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  • Camis Custom Cables

    Why not simplify your production by making use of Camis cable assembly and wiring service? Whether a simple switch assembly cut, stripped and fitted with crimped terminals or a full harness with connectors, switches and fuses, Camis can supply all your needs.

    Recent investment at Camis has seen an expansion of its loom production capacity including the purchase of a new Artos Cr-22 Wire Processing Machine. So if you are looking to reduce costs and improve service levels you need look no further.


    The CR-22 provides numerous benefits including:

    • High volume runs with speeds up to 5m per sec.
    • Reduced set-up times.
    • Increased process efficiencies for both large batch size and high mix production runs

    All this means higher quality products being delivered faster at extremely competitive prices.

    What do Camis processing facilities include?

    • Material cutting
    • Stripping
    • Window/mid stripping
    • Auto bootlace ferruling
    • Wire end twisting
    • Marking with labels
    • Coiling with long wires
    • Harness / job sequencing
    • Hot stamp marking
    • Wire end tinning
    • Insertion of weather seals
    • Closed barrel crimping
    • Ink jet marking
    • Batching of finished wires
    • Short length processing
    • Multi-core cable production

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  • Bernstein introduces new safety monitoring sensor

    Bernstein Ltd will be introducing a number of new additions to its product ranges on Stand 5746 at MACH 2014 including their new IP67 rated CSMS electronic safety sensor that monitors safety doors and protective guards remain closed.

    The contactless, uniquely coded communication between sensor and actuator uses RFID technology to offer the highest level of protection (high-level coding) and the highest levels of safety (PLe) and protection against manipulation.

    The CSMS offers excellent diagnostics enabling open safety guards and system errors to be located quickly.

    The diagnostics consists of:

    • 3 LEDs integrated in the CSMS
    • Status indicator and choice of system status by means of basis diagnostics device
    • Status indicator of actuated CSMS by means of digital outputs
    • Complete system status by means of optional bus gateway, for ex. Profibus (in preparation)
    CSMS product features
    • Performance Level e
    • Up to 32 series circuits without leaving the PL e
    • High coding level according to draft DIN EN ISO 14119
    • An external monitoring device is not necessary
    • Connection of a return circuit and start button is possible
    • Output current up to 250 mA per safety output
    • Large diagnostic possibility
    • 3 LEDs for status information of the CSMS
    • Switching distance: 13 mm
    • Dimensions: 110 mm x 30 mm x 15 mm
    • IP 67

    CSMS product advantages

    • Safety series circuits of up to 32 CSMS up to
      PL e / SIL 3 (category 4)
    • Cost reduction as there is no need of any additional external monitoring
    • Easy to use as manual or automatic start is possible with the same CSMS
    • Future Safety included as the CSMS correspond to the draft of DIN EN ISO 14119 (which supersedes the EN 1088) concerning individual coding (high coding level)
    • Economic system installation as M12 Connectivityreduces installation time
    • Time-saving as no wiring errors are possible
    • Time-saving because of system status indication via the diagnostic interface
    • CSMS is tolerant to misalignment reducing cost of guarding and therefore reduces cost

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  • Johnson Electric Launches Auto Power-Off Switches for Coffee Machines

    20 June, 2013 – Johnson Electric today announced an extension to the TIPPMATIC® switch product line. Three TIPPMATIC switches have been custom designed for use in all types of coffee machines. The new TIPPMATIC pushbutton switches are configured with features for use in filter, capsule, espresso and fully automatic coffee machines. These pushbutton switches are compact and can be customized to match the human factors and design requirements of the coffee machine.

    In addition to the automatic power-off feature, the TIPPMATIC switch is available with a double disconnect feature which reduces the stand-by current of the coffee machine to zero. This disconnect feature also further improves the safety characteristics of the machine. The TIPPMATIC pushbutton switches for coffee machines expand the existing rocker switch product line.

    • TIPPMATIC Timer with an internal timer is designed for filter coffee. The switch can be configured for a wide range of automatic power-off times.
    • TIPPMATIC iF has an interface for an externally provided shut-off signal, generated by the electronics in fully automatic coffee machines.
    • TIPPMATIC iFD features a double disconnect technology with an integrated interface for an externally provided shut-off signal, generated by the electronics in fully automatic coffee machines.

    “The cumulative impact of reducing stand-by power to zero is highly significant,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing. “Consumer peace of mind results by knowing that an appliance will automatically be switched-off in their absence,” he added.

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    or call +44 1384 286969

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