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  • NEW Crouzet Chronos 2 Timers & Control Relays

    7 new Chronos 2 Timers, 2 new Level Control Relays and 2 new Phase Control Relays are now available in a more compact DIN Rail package ideal for modular use.

    Crouzet Control has announced the availability of 11 re-designed Chronos 2 Timers and Control Relays which are now available in an improved DIN rail modular housing with the same profile as the Crouzet C-lynx product family.

    The 7 new 22.5 mm DIN Rail mounted Chronos 2 Timers (RA2R1, RQR1, RQR6, RU2R1 RU2R3, RU2R4 & RX2R1) replace timers previously offered in a 22.5 mm wide industrial housing. The new 22.5mm DIN rail mounted housing is also similar to the new 17.5 mm Chronos 2 Timers featuring the same terminal block position for perfect panel alignment.   The new 22.5 mm timers also feature 2 SPDT relays rated at 8 A / 250 VAC and are just 8 mm higher than the 17.5 mm version with one output relay. New Chronos 2 timers have the same rated supply voltage and electrical specifications as previous industrial housing versions.

    ENR and ENRM Level Control Relays have also been redesigned in a new 22.5 mm DIN Rail housing replacing 22.5 mm wide industrial models. A new universal supply voltage of 24 to 240 VAC VDC allows them to replace 8 existing part numbers with similar or improved features per model.

    The new 17.5 mm MWS Phase Control Relay featuring an 8 A output rating replaces both the 17.5 mm MWS and 22.5 mm EWS series.  The redesigned 22.5 mm EWS2 replaces the existing EWS2 featuring a more compact housing allowing modular installation.

    All new Chronos 2 Timers and Control Relays are C-UL-US Listed, CE certified to the IEC Low Voltage Directive and compliant with the RoHS Directive.

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  • Crouzet Automation launches its brand new em4 offer!

    The world is entering the digitalization era and it is vital for companies to create more added value for their customers.

    Developing a sustainable business requires: faster process implementation, greater autonomy in the creation of applications, enhanced maintenance, costs optimization, on-demand connection to your installations…

    For this new world, Crouzet Automation presents a revolutionary and innovative solution: em4.


    With em4, Crouzet is going above and beyond your expectations. It’s not just about a top performance nano-PLC. It’s about helping your application enter into the “Internet of Things” world.

    The em4 promise: the smartest and easiest way to remotely manage equipment and generate new business. Check Crouzet's video on YouTube!

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  • Crouzet Introduce MTP Remote Services for M3

    Crouzet Automation is taking another step forward into the realm of connectivity. It is now possible to program and debug Millenium 3 logic controllers remotely using MTP8/50 and MTP8/70 programmable touch panels.

    Millenium 3 logic controllers can be programmed on-site using M3 Soft software loaded on a PC connected via USB cable to the programming port. MTP6/50, MTP8/50 and MTP8/70 programmable touch panels can also be connected directly to the Millenium 3 programming port, for displaying text, data, graphics, and animations pertaining to the application controlled via the Millenium 3. Trend charts allow users to analyze data relating to the machine connected to the panel in real time and in situ (log, tracking, fault detection, etc.).

    With MTP Remote Services users can now access the Millenium 3 remotely using the new pass-through function on MTP8/50 and MTP8/70 programmable touch panels, via an Ethernet connection (LAN or internet via a simple router).

    MTP Remote

    The principle:

    1 A Millenium 3 logic controller is connected to an MTP8/50 or MTP8/70 touch panel through the programming port via the cable supplied with the panel

    2 The MTP panel is connected to the network via a standard Ethernet cable

    3 A PC connected to the Ethernet network can then take control of the panel and/or the Millenium 3

    The Result:

    It is possible to program, debug, diagnose, and configure a Millenium 3 in remote mode which allows maintenance operations to be carried out remotely, and hence at a lower cost.

    Customer benefits:

    1 No need to travel which saves time, cuts costs, and facilitates updates and monitoring

    2 Creation of remote installation maintenance services

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  • New Crouzet Control Chronos 2 range of DIN Rail mounted timers

    Discover the new Crouzet Control Chronos 2 range - 17.5 mm DIN Rail mounted timers

    The new Crouzet Control range of Chronos 2 timers (17.5 mm) is now available.

    This range substitutes the existing range and features improvements including:

    • Added robustness:

    - Optimization of the electronic design and components update

    - The new range remains with an 8 A rated output current

    - Surge resistance level: 2 KV (twice the minimum imposed by the standard)

    • Similarity & consistency on user interface: a new and improved mechanical design to align to the Crouzet Control existing C-Lynx Control relays range

    • Product Quality and Reliability improvements

     The Chronos 2 timers also include changes such as:

    • Just one digit differentiates the new range part number from the old range’s

    For instance: previous part number: MUR1 88826105 / new part number: MUR1 88827105

    Please note: There is no change in product names (MUR1 for example).

    Cross reference table:

    References for Crouzet Timers Chronos 2

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  • Crouzet’s new programmable graphic touch panels

    Crouzet has extended its range of programmable touch panels. Featuring a robust design, in compact sizes and with superb brightness, high resolution, enhanced connectivity and powerful, intuitive programming, their many features can save you time, help you manage your data more efficiently and are more user-friendly.

    Greater ease of use

    Crouzet’s new Millenium MTP6/50, MTP8/50 and MTP8/70 Touch Panels, consisting of a 65536-colour LCD touch screen, display all the text, data, graphics and animations that your applications require. Using trend charts, it is now possible, in real time and in situ, to analyse data relating to the machine connected to the panel (log, tracking, fault detection, etc).

    More simple data management, increased portability

    Equipped with a 400 MHz processor, these panels can be used to process alarms and run previously defined recipes. To manage your data, back it up, analyse and re-use it, they have a “data archiving” module that comes in 3 formats depending on the model:

    • 128 MB flash memory on all models

    • optionally on a USB stick and SD card on the MTP8/70 

    An expandable, connected range

    Optimised for the versatile Millenium 3 range of logic controllers, there are 3 models with enhanced connectivity, available in 2 sizes:

    • 4.3’’ with RS232/RS485 serial port (communication) and USB 2.0 port (programming):MTP6/50

    • 4.3’’ with RS232/RS485 serial port (communication) and Ethernet port (programming):MTP8/50

    • 7’’ with 2 RS232/RS485 serial ports, USB 1.1 port and Ethernet port (communication), USB 2.0 port and Ethernet port (programming): MTP8/70 

    Keep your costs to a minimum

    Due to a cable supplied with the panel, the panel and logic controller connect directly to the Millenium 3 via its programming port. So there’s no need to use an extra extension cable - that’s a useful saving! The arrival on the market of these cost effective panels also makes it easier to switch from complex, expensive systems of cabinets wired up with buttons and LEDs.

    Intuitive programming

    Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, the EB software is quick and easy to get to grips with, so you can start producing applications straightaway.

    Once mastered, this powerful programming tool can create an infinite number of applications: building management, water treatment, access control, small industrial and commercial machines… all in compliance with EC, UL, C-UL standards. And in response to your demands, the panels’ graphics can be customised for each of your projects.

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