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  • BERNSTEIN Safety Switches for the Workplace

    Machines that continue running after being switched off are often part of automated production processes. Safety guards prevent operator access and must therefore be kept closed until the hazards posed by machine movement have ceased. Safety position switches with interlock function ensure that safety gates, safety doors and other protective guards remain closed for as long as a hazardous situation exists.

    In production processes, safety position switches have three main tasks:

    • Enabling the machine/process when the safety guard is closed and interlocked
    • Disabling the machine/process when the safety guard is opened
    • Position monitoring of the safety guard and interlock

    BERNSTEIN SLK/SLM safety position switches with separate actuators and interlock enable the user to realise locking systems conforming to EN 1088, EN ISO 12100-1, 12100-2 and since 29.12.2009 to the compulsory Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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  • Bernstein introduces new safety monitoring sensor

    Bernstein Ltd will be introducing a number of new additions to its product ranges on Stand 5746 at MACH 2014 including their new IP67 rated CSMS electronic safety sensor that monitors safety doors and protective guards remain closed.

    The contactless, uniquely coded communication between sensor and actuator uses RFID technology to offer the highest level of protection (high-level coding) and the highest levels of safety (PLe) and protection against manipulation.

    The CSMS offers excellent diagnostics enabling open safety guards and system errors to be located quickly.

    The diagnostics consists of:

    • 3 LEDs integrated in the CSMS
    • Status indicator and choice of system status by means of basis diagnostics device
    • Status indicator of actuated CSMS by means of digital outputs
    • Complete system status by means of optional bus gateway, for ex. Profibus (in preparation)
    CSMS product features
    • Performance Level e
    • Up to 32 series circuits without leaving the PL e
    • High coding level according to draft DIN EN ISO 14119
    • An external monitoring device is not necessary
    • Connection of a return circuit and start button is possible
    • Output current up to 250 mA per safety output
    • Large diagnostic possibility
    • 3 LEDs for status information of the CSMS
    • Switching distance: 13 mm
    • Dimensions: 110 mm x 30 mm x 15 mm
    • IP 67

    CSMS product advantages

    • Safety series circuits of up to 32 CSMS up to
      PL e / SIL 3 (category 4)
    • Cost reduction as there is no need of any additional external monitoring
    • Easy to use as manual or automatic start is possible with the same CSMS
    • Future Safety included as the CSMS correspond to the draft of DIN EN ISO 14119 (which supersedes the EN 1088) concerning individual coding (high coding level)
    • Economic system installation as M12 Connectivityreduces installation time
    • Time-saving as no wiring errors are possible
    • Time-saving because of system status indication via the diagnostic interface
    • CSMS is tolerant to misalignment reducing cost of guarding and therefore reduces cost

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    or call +44 1384 286969

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