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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • New lensed LED Lighting for High Bay applications

    The standard FloodLED36 luminaire from FineLED provides a very efficient (59W), powerful light source. It’s wide beam angle is perfect for even distribution of light up to 5 metres in height but, beyond this, the lux level on the ground tends to be too low.

    However, the FloodLED36 was designed to enable the focusing of light by using individual lenses over the surface mounted LED’s (as illustrated). FineLED have worked exclusively with Carclo Optics of Slough to provide three variations of lenses to cover differing working heights:

    1. the HBLED36W (wide beam) covers operational heights of between 5.5 to 9 metres
    2. the HBLED36M (medium beam) covers heights between 8 to 12 metres
    3. the HBLED36N (narrow beam) covers heights beyond 12 metres.

    Practical lighting considerations

    In reality it will be a mix of these lenses that will provide the best lighting solution for the various working heights of the warehouse. The FineLED luminaires can also be aimed (unlike conventional metal halide and T5 solutions) and this extra flexibility means that bespoke and targeted lighting conditions can be created for the requirements of different operations - rather than the ‘one size fits all’ lighting arrays which are common today.

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