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  • Benefits of Jtec489

    The Techna Jtec489 provides many benefits for engineers, designers and installers..

    A. Jtec 489 is UL Listed as a branch circuit breaker and is therefore able to be used to protect a branch circuit without a backup device.

    Many applications and other UL standards insist upon the use of a branch circuit breaker (as opposed to a supplementary protector). If you fit the Jtec 489 you're covered!

    B. Jtec 489 offers 10kA interrupt rating at 480Y/277VAC systems up to current ratings of 32A, higher than most suppliers.

    C. Jtec 489 maintains its 10kA interrupt rating right up to 63A when used on 240VAC and 240/120VAC systems.

    D. Jtec 489 is also available UL Listed up to 10kA in 250VDC ratings.

    E. Jtec 489 also meets European standard EN60898 and EN60947-2 for circuit breakers and is CE marked, ideal for manufacturers seeking to stock a single product to use for global production requirements.

    F. Jtec 489 has a full range of accessories. Auxiliary contacts with both changeover and signal circuits - meaning you can remotely monitor the state of the breaker (ON or OFF) and you can tell whether the breaker was manually switched off or has tripped due to a circuit fault.

    Shunt trip modules enable remote shutdown of the device.

    The undervoltage release modules automatically switch off the breaker in the event of a power failure, thereby protecting against an unexpected machine start-up when mains power is restored.

    Uniquely the N-pole (Neutral Pole) add on means you can convert a 3 pole breaker into a 3 pole + switched neutral device with one shared component, so you do not need to stock 4 pole devices, making inventory savings.

    Benefits for Service Engineers and Installers

    A. Jtec 489 is suitable for field wiring - this means the product has been evaluated by UL as being suitable for direct field installation by a field service engineer (as opposed to factory fitted only.)

    B. The breaker terminal screws are recessed to provide finger touch protection.

    C. Lockoff adaptors are available to enable breakers to be padlocked on (to prevent manual turn off), or locked off, for example by service engineers working on the system.

    D. The breaker features a trip indicator window to show if the breaker has tripped even if the handle has been inadvertently prevented from movement. This saves a lot of time by enabling quick identification of a tripped circuit when an engineer is on site.

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  • MEGAMAN® NEW LED “Economy Series”

    As a leading and innovative eco-lighting solution provider, MEGAMAN® has launched its “Economy Series” LED lamps to expand its LED product portfolio. The new range is intended to enable more consumers to benefit from an early payback by switching to high-quality, energy-efficient and cost-effective LED light source.

    With exceptionally high efficacy (lumen per watt), MEGAMAN®’s “Economy Series” LED lamps are all rated Class A+ in the new EU Energy Label scheme, which will come into effect on 1 September 2013:

    A plus

    The highest efficacy in this product range reaches as high as 96 lumen per watt. In terms of energy-efficiency, the highest energy-saving is up to 87% when compared with incandescent or halogen counterparts, reaping significant savings in energy consumption and running costs for consumers.

    The portfolio of “Economy Series” LEDs ranges from LED Candle, LED Classic, LED GX53, LED PAR16 to LED MR16. They are ideal for general and decorative lighting applications and are now commercially available to consumers.

    This new LED series is sleek and compact with aesthetic smooth heat sink design. They deliver incredible lighting performance with a rated life span of 15,000 hours, assuring consumers with much early payback period and thus more cost-effectiveness over time. Additional product benefits like mercury-free and no UV offer maximum safety for the consumers and contribute to a sustainable future.

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  • DANLERS Launch new ‘Intelligent’ Photocell Batten Mount Control

    DANLERS Limited have launched a new stylishly designed Batten-mounted ‘Intelligent’ photocell switch capable of delivering significant energy savings at low cost. They are ideal for applications such as offices, corridors, classrooms, storerooms, washrooms and any area where lights are on when not required.

    The Batten Mount ‘Intelligent Photocell is capable of delivering additional energy saving by virtue of its radical new ‘Intelligent’ Photocell calibration process that can distinguish the difference between artificial light and the natural ambient light delivered to the photocell and by doing so removes the site specific addition of artificial light from any decision to automatically switch the lights on/off. This minimises hysteresis drift and minimises the risk of false triggering or ‘hunting’. This technology has a GB patent pending No. 1219746.3.

    The photocell can be set to between 100 lux and 3000 lux (on the working plane).

    This UK manufactured control is IP53 rated and can be mounted onto the end of lighting battens via the 20mm knock out with a quick fit connection thread and lock nut through which the 1 metre lead can easily connect to the lighting ballast. Its high quality relay can switch lighting loads of up to 10 amps resistive or tungsten, 6 amps of fluorescent (switch start), 3 amps of electronic or wire-wound transformers, compact fluorescent or LED lamps.

    Julian Kay, DANLERS Managing Director commented, ‘This innovative new technology is an ideal quick fix, low cost, energy saving solution for organisations demanding a reduction to their energy bills and a rapid payback on their investment”.

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